Reiki for badass women

Life is stressful. Aging can be hard. Our stories can drive us mad. But you deserve to feel good–and I can help. ✨


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Image by @ SlimeSunday

Image by @SlimeSunday

reiki for badass women

I work closely with a select group of powerhouse women, using reiki and other healing techniques to heal old injuries, re-energize their lives in the present moment, and support their future successes. 

about reiki

Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) is a beautiful hands-on Japanese healing technique that harnesses and directs universal life energy in a way that both relaxes and energizes.

It is a safe and natural healing technique that works with your own life force energy to heal your body and your soul.

I practice reiki in the highly respected Usui tradition. My reiki lineage: Doctor Usui > Doctor Hayashi > Mrs. Takata > John Harvey Gray > Brian Brunius > Liza Kindred. 

my healing sessions

My reiki sessions are 75 minutes long (intro sessions are 90 minutes), and are done fully clothed while laying comfortably in a peaceful, quiet space in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. (Summers sessions are also available in Greenport on the North Fork of Long Island.) 

During a reiki healing session, you might feel warmth, relaxation, a sensation of movement, or nothing at all. You might bliss out into a trance-like state, or you might even drift off into sleep. 

After a reiki healing session, many people report feeling extraordinarily relaxed, peacefully energized, and balanced. The benefits continue on for quite some time after a session. Over several sessions, you will start to experience permanent change for the better. 

I supplement my healing sessions with a variety of other energy healing modalities, including chakra work, crystals, and essential oils. 

who I work with

Reiki is a powerful technique for affecting deep physical and emotional changes. Facilitating lasting health is important to me, and so I work with a small number of badass women over the long term in order to promote profound health and well-being, and to support the amazing things that they are doing in the world. 

If you are ready to commit to the time needed to finally let go of deep-seated, long-standing struggles, and to fully embody your own power, then working with me might be exactly what you need. My public-facing clients especially appreciate my discretion and commitment to privacy. 

✨ You deserve to feel good. ✨

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Badass Testimonials

After reiki with Liza, I felt centered, balanced and refreshed. Liza is gifted as intuitive healer with great sensitivity and a gentle, calm energy.

In today’s world where our energies are often directed outward (into our devices, toward work, to family) it’s important to take time to get centered inside so that we can then bring our best selves back out in the world.

Reiki with Liza is a great way to practice self-care, to clear the energetic cobwebs, regroup and recharge.
— Cathleen O'Connell, Documentary Filmmaker
To be “in good hands” is the best description of Liza’s reiki practice. I felt cared for, responded to, and as if she intuitively understood and stayed closely attuned to my needs and energy.

She created a calm, open and reflective space for me to retreat into, and was so respectful of where I wanted to take the experience. Reiki requires a level of trust between the practitioner and client, and Liza instills this with respect, kindness and grace.
— Wendy Woon, Director, Museum of Modern Art

Liza Kindred

In her past life, Liza helped create the industry now called "fashion tech," through her work with fashion brands including VOGUE Magazine, Bergdorf Goodman, and Bloomingdales; and with tech companies like Microsoft, Vodafone, and Amazon. 

In her current life, Liza is a frequent keynote speaker about #mindfultech; she founded and runs Mindful Technology; is a meditation teacher and the creator of EFF THIS! Meditation, and practices reiki for badass women. 

She knows firsthand the toll that life can take, and has made it her mission to help others feel great so that they can shine on. ✨

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Book a Session

When I enter into a long term healing relationship, I work with my client's schedules to ensure regular sessions. I also offer a limited number of sessions for new clients, which can be booked online. 

Reiki healing sessions are performed in Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, New York. You will be sent the address after you book your first session. For my busiest clients, I occasionally bring my healing sessions on location.



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